Restorative Training

The Leicestershire Youth Offending Service is committed to Restorative Practice and working with partners in providing training in the use of restorative approaches in a variety of settings. The service has five trained experienced trainers that can provide specialist tailored training in a variety of restorative fields such as schools and colleges, community, criminal justice, children’s residential care home staff, anti-social behaviour, youth service and the workplace.

The training focuses on using restorative techniques to resolve everyday conflict and disputes using specific questions, to the more formal processes such as conferencing. The training can be quite flexible depending on your needs and can range from:

  • 3 hours basic awareness training
  • 1 day for introduction to restorative approaches to include the use of informal processes
  • 3 days facilitation training for the more formal processes.

The trainers are also experienced Restorative Practitioners, with skills and experience in Panels, Restorative Conversations and Conferencing.

For further information and to make enquiries please contact: or 0116 3050030.