The Project

In January 2012, a group travelled to DK to complete the project application form which was submitted in February and accepted. The project started in September 2012.

There are 4 reciprocal visits between DK and UK across the 2 years and participants are teachers, school behaviour support staff, police officers, staff from the Youth Offending Service and county and city school advisors from the anti-bullying team.

The outcomes for our project are:

  • to have effective strategies as part of a whole school approach by equipping teacher/trainers to confidently set up Restorative Approaches programmes that will impact on children, young people and their communities. The focus will be on improving collaboration, co-operation and respect using a citizenship approach with learners, enabling them to support one another using tested models of restorative approaches enabling conflict resolution and healthy relationships.
  • To have a common in service-training model for adults which is cost effective and sustainable
  • a DVD to be used in training and a website to promote the exchange and development of good practice which can be adapted to a local context and to further cultural understanding among partners locally and internationally

Expected Impact and Use

  • Reduction in school exclusions and truancy
  • Improvement in behaviour
  • Reduction in damage to schools and communities
  • Securing the future sustainability of the restorative culture in schools
  • Creation of better attitudes and ethos in schools
  • Increased tolerance and respect for personal and cultural diversity among young people

Restorative Approaches in Practice