Julie Peattie, UK to DK, October 2013

Personally, I found the trip to be an eye opening experience in a professional and cultural sense. In Svendborg teachers have a lot of freedom and flexibility when working with young people. Young people are taught from a very early age what it means to be a good citizen. This teaching is consistently reinforced and there is a lot of mutual respect between teachers and children. When there is a concern, the whole emphasis is about the individual and how the whole school community can address the problem or issue. This ideology is reflected in all public sectors not just education.
I was also struck by how well professionals knew each other, this really improved communication between organisations. This maybe is a Svendborg phenomenon, I am not sure? 
I did not observe any specific targeted restorative work as we would call it, because as a society they are very restorative. I learned a lot from the trip which I will take away to develop myself as a practitioner, but also feed into our school organisation. Their expertise on inclusive practice, has really helped me look at the RJ project that we are delivering at Charnwood College with fresh eyes and a new perspective. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to go to Denmark, many thanks.

Julie Peattie
Teacher, Charnwood College