Using Restorative Practice to respond to incidents of bullying

A staff member noticed that Aisha, one of the girls in her form group, didn’t appear to be her usual self and was a bit quiet and subdued. She found an opportunity to have a private word with Aisha to ask if there was anything wrong or troubling her.

At first Aisha was reluctant to say that there was anything wrong but when she became tearful it was clear that something wasn’t right!

Aisha is in a close friendship group of 5 girls. Overall they are good friends but from time to time there are fall outs in the group.

One of her friends, Jade, had posted an embarrassing picture of Aisha on Facebook along with an unkind comment and lots of people have posted replies and are laughing at her.

The teacher talked to Aisha about how she felt and then met with Jade to talk about what had happened. She then facilitated a restorative meeting between Jade & Aisha to talk about what had happened, how they felt & what could be done to make things right.

Jade was feeling upset with Aisha over another matter and had posted the picture to get her own back. She didn’t really appreciate the full impact of this & how much it had upset Jade until they sat and talked in the meeting. Aisha also had an opportunity to realise what she had done previously to upset Jade.

Jade was asked what she could do to make things right. She felt she should remove the picture & comments from Facebook. She also said sorry to Aisha as she hadn’t intended to cause so much upset. Aisha had an opportunity to say how she felt but also took the opportunity to apologise to Jade for comments she had made the previous day.